We Need You!

We hope you have enjoyed visiting our web site!

 This web site was initially constructed by two volunteers, one in Galway, Ireland and the other in North Carolina, USA. Our sole interest is to help others further their own research at no cost to them. There are now over thirty volunteers working of bringing more records online. Thanks to their efforts we now have tens of thousands records on line. (See our Record Inventory.)

Now we need your help. Please assist us with typing large numbers of new records on spreadsheets. Using templates and guides that we furnish, each volunteer types between fifty to one hundred records on to a spreadsheet. Usually within four weeks, they return their transcriptions to us as email attachments for final editing and placement on our databases.

We shall be delighted to recognize on our web site every one who contributes to our work. What a legacy to leave to others!

We need assistance in a number of areas - we are looking for volunteers to continue the transcription of 1901 Census of Ireland records for north Galway. We also need help with the continuing transcription of nineteenth century records for Wilmington and surrounding areas.

If you would like to hear more about what we are doing and why we are doing it, please send an email to Joe Lalley ( USA ) or Mike Carroll ( Ireland ).

Thank you.