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B. J. Timmons

27 July 1942 - 13 June 2013

BJ along with forty-one volunteers contributed greatly to the development of this web site, transcribing baptismal and marriage records for the Cathedral Parish of St. Peter as well as St. Ann, St. Paul, and St. Joseph-on-the-Brandywine parishes.

Let us rejoice that BJ now resides in the mansion Our Heavenly Father prepared for her since time's beginning.

May she rest in peace.


Her obituary may be found at:

B.J. Timmons

My name is June (more often known as "B.J.") [nee McCall] Timmons. I am a native (Newark) Delawarean. My father's family is from the Pike Creek farm area of Newark, and my mother's family was from the City of Wilmington, Delaware (where she grew up), back as far as my Dillon genealogy search has currently taken me.

My family names, besides Dillon, are Collins (Irish) and Arbuckle (Scot/Irish) (my mother's side), and Mc Call (Scot), Lybrandt (German) and Ware (English) (my father's side).

Thank you for letting me be a part of "history in the making" and "helping to make a difference" in expanding the website.




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