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Everybody involved in this site is working together to bring heretofore unavailable material on-line for research purposes. In many cases, these records have never been indexed.  What started out as specific family research blossomed into the record repository you see today. This has only been made possible by the dedication and tireless work of a group of volunteers who have given their time and knowledge freely so that others can benefit from our experience and accessibility to the record sources contained here. Perhaps someone mentioned below has a 'lead' for you in your research or you can further their research in some meaningful way. To see more details about each individual and their areas of family research, click their name below their photograph.

To ALL our volunteers, we say a huge THANK YOU!

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Joseph M. Lalley Jr.

Michael Carroll

Joseph M. Lalley III

Nancy Menton Lyons

Susan Valenta

Melissa Gordon Pinheiro

Russ Smith

Chris Schnatterer

Jim McHugh

Margaret David

Colette Watson

Dan Monagle

Leni Lunski

Mary and Bill McKinley

M. Jane Leone

Thomas L. Lalley

Nancy Collier

Terri Elliott and Jeanne Mudge

Sarah McCafferty


Karen McGoldrick

B.J. Timmons

Mary Finley

Mary Frances Morris

Kathleen Connor

Moyra Casey

Norma Marcotte

David Nealy

Suzanne Frederick

Marianne Espinoza

Beth Cherkowsky

Edward Lally

Roslyn McLendon

Karen Anstaett

Barbara Toner

Laura Walsh

Greta Seimen

A. V. Allen

Bob and Yasuko Kulp

Mary Anne Walsh

Tim Robinson

Patricia Ann Feeney



 Last and by no means least :

Donn Devine


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