Meet The Volunteers


Roslyn McLendon

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Roslyn McLendon is the mother of four children, grandmother of seven, and the great grandmother mother of young man named Andrew.

"I spend a lot of time trying to find my ancestors: Dunn, Starkey, Foster, Coghill, Harman, Williams, Eldridge, Littlejohn, Morrison, and all the other branches. The Dunns were first in Pennsylvania and Virginia before going to Kentucky.

The Starkeys migrated to Delaware, later to Ohio, still later to Kentucky. The Eldridges and Williams families, I believe, were in Rhode Island or Massachusetts but eventually moved to Kentucky. For years I have been searching for Starkeys but still don’t know who Hugh K. Starkey’s father is.

I love all kinds of music, love to travel, and hope to visit Philadelphia to visit family and the art museum there. "

"I am a retired, a widow, and take care of my mom. I paint when I can. I also garden with my granddaughter, Katie, seven, who lives with me along with her mom Michelle."

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