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1928 - 2007

Thomas L. Lalley

Thomas L. Lalley is a younger brother of Joe Lalley. He lived with his wife Myra in Washington, D.C., where Tom worked for many years for the National Institute of Mental Health.

Tom helped Joe with some of the early research for this site and, until his final illness, helped out when there was a need for something to be looked up in the National Archives or the Library of Congress. He was a member of the team that translated the French documents found in the Wilmington Coffee Run Register of Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials.

Tom's special contribution to Lalley research was his discovery of a request for a pension submitted to King George III in 1793 by a French refugee, the Comte de Lally-Tollendal, which enclosed a genealogy of his branch of the Lally family back to Galway in the 16th century.

While searching for information about Margaret Hart, his great, great aunt, he searched the records of U.S. Senator and discovered among other things that the Senator had left his former head housekeeper a life-time annuity for years of loyal and dedicated service to his family.

Tom also helped his mother, Spalding P. Lalley, with her research on the genealogy of the Maryland Spaldings, of whom the first, Thomas, arrived in Maryland in the 17th century.

Tom died on the 21st September, 2007 following a long illness, bravely bourne. He is greatly missed by his wife Myra, his three children and his many relatives and friends.

May he Rest In Peace.

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