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Joseph M. Lalley, Jr.

Joe, founder of this web site, began a search for his fatherís ancestors in 1993, some of whom arrived in Wilmington, Delaware as early as the 1830s.  In the course of research, he discovered, not only why the Irish came to Wilmington, but also the locality in Ireland from whence so many had emigrated: the townlands southwest of the County Galway farming town of Headford near Lough Corrib. 

Joe's third cousin operates the same farm that belonged their ancestors in Luggawannia, Cargin Parish, County Galway.  Though not yet verified, there are strong indications that Joe's Hannon (Hannin, Hannan) ancestors lived nearby. 

His search for his Lalley ancestors, however, has reached an impasse.  Although the marriage record for his grandfather Michael Joseph indicates his place of birth was County Roscommon, Lally families from the region around Headford also settled in Wilmington, some of whom are related to Michael Carroll.  (See Family Histories, Descendants of John Lally and Descendants of Patrick Lally,) Mike is the technical developer behind much of the database and search facilities provided on this web site.

 A retired headmaster and mathematics instructor, Joe lives in Asheville, North Carolina.  He may be reached at

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