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Brad Henry  

One of five brothers born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Brad Henry now lives in northern Wisconsin with his bride of six years. For the past seven years he has had several teaching positions.  At present he teaches high school psychology, history, and geography.  The couple is awaiting the birth of their first child in April 2003. 

Brad earned two undergraduate degrees, the first in psychology from Ohio Dominican College  -- where he spent a semester abroad studying at St. Patrick College in Maynooth -- Ireland, and the second in education from the University of Wisconsin.

An experienced traveler, Brad has visited over thirty countries including a two-year sojourn as a volunteer in Eritrea and in Ethiopia with the DeLasalle Christian Brothers.  He also spent a year teaching in Asia.  More recently, he and his brother spent two months trekking in the Himalayas.

Brad’s hobbies are genealogy and the bagpipes. 

“I have been researching my Irish and Scottish roots for the past six years.  It was my grandmother who inspired me to dig up the past. As the keeper of our family's stories, she was an incredible source of inspiration to me when I was a child."  She passed away when I was volunteering in Africa and as a tribute to her, I chose to finish and carry on her stories.  And to put a little emphasis on that heritage, I picked up the bagpipes several years ago. “

Brad's genealogical research concentrates on families with surnames of Henry, McKeever, McDaniel.  Daniel Henry who emigrated from Ireland to the U.S. in 1781 had at least three children:  Patrick, Daniel and Margaret.  In 1809 Patrick married Nancy Anne McKeever at St. Mary's of the Assumption, Coffee Run. His descendants migrated to southern Ohio in the 1840's.  Margaret married Joseph McDaniel.  Joseph and Margaret's descendants remained in New Castle County, Delaware.  Brad is searching for information on the parents of Nancy Anne McKeever (born in Ireland 1767-1862 and Scioto County, Ohio), Daniel Henry jr.(1798-?), and  McDaniel descendants.

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