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Can you imagine what it was like to discover your website today?   I hope you can, because as a very new, very inexperienced and very confused investigator into my family history, I was thrilled with my finds.  I was trying to find the priest that married my grandparents in hopes that would lead me to their parish in Wilmington in the late 1800s-- instead I had the luck to stumble onto this wonderful site.   Thank you so very much for your generosity in sharing. 

Kath M.

I had the opportunity to review your web site yesterday. To say I was impressed with the content, presentation, and ease of use would be an understatement. You and all your volunteers responsible for this site should take pride in the results your dedication and hard work have produced. I cannot imagine the number of hours that were spent in researching the many documents necessary to complete each entry.... Maybe, just maybe, your success will inspire other to follow your example in other areas of the country.


Thank you for making this website available. The website was so easy to use and I was so pleased with the amount and detail of the information provided. Thank you for all the hard work it must have taken to put this site together. I was able to obtain information here that I did not find in the Delaware Historical Society. My family is researching our Keegan and Morrison ancestors and your site helped me find where they were baptised. Thank you again for your invaluable information.


This is an amazing site! So user friendly! Makes me wish our Conerys and Devines had settled in Delaware.

Just wanted to thank you and all the volunteers for this site. When I found this it was like finding a gold mine I was so thrilled. There is a wealth of information. Thanks again and God bless. Sincerely, Ida

I can not thank you enough for the unbelievable amount of information I just received from your web site. I have searched and searched my Family History; thought I was at a dead end...Then I came across your web site and I am truly amazed. Thank You ever so much.

Jessica, New Jersey

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This is the best site I have come across. Your search engines are wonderful and so easy to use.

Yours is indeed an extraordinary web site, and I hope serves as an inspiration for the promulgation of Catholic records from other dioceses. Please add my voice to the chorus of "thank yous"!

David, Ithaca, NY

I have researched for years on another line and have NEVER come across a site as well organized as yours, concerning available transcribed records for a given area!  I don't think you will ever be able to fully appreciate the impact this web site and all your volunteer efforts will have on genealogical research, because you probably will not hear from most of the people who access it.  Please let me be among those that do, and applaud you all for your efforts.


Congratulations - wonderful job of sharing information with fellow genealogists. Can we spread the word about your web site here in Australia?? I run the Irish interest group for the Society of Australian Genealogists in Sydney and we are just getting things on the web. We have a membership of approximately 7000 and a big number of those have Irish ancestors.  I also take Aussies to Ireland to tour the land of their ancestors.Agai, on behalf of those of us with Irish ancestors.hank you for sharing.


This web site's 10 out of 10!!!!!



Your web site is incredibly well-organized, with a wealth of information for family historians, and I greatly appreciate all the effort expended. I'm hopeful that the information gleaned there will lead me to my Irish ancestor's birthplace in Ireland. 


It must be so rewarding to know that your web site has so many visitors and so many people are learning about their ancestors. I truly would not know half of what I now know without it.

Terri in Florida

Just had to compliment you on a beautiful web site

Susan, Baltimore, MD

It is refreshing to see someone who put so much effort into this site. Congrats!

Thank you for all of your work bringing these important records to the Internet. So far, I have done very well on your site. My ancestors attended St. Thomas the Apostle, St. Paul's and St. Mary's Parishes. I look forward to studying your future enhancements.
Thanks again,

What a great web site! You'll put some thought and of course effort into creating it. My husband's ancestors came from Galway, Ireland, but to our knowledge were not in Delaware.

Barbara, Louisiana

Formerly a Wilmington-area resident, I was intrigued by your site and the valuable information it contains. Congratulations are in order! This is a most worthy addition to the area's historical resources.
Sure, and I wish MY FALLONs were among those in your beautiful records! Though I live in Wilmington, mine were never here... We've been to County Roscommon several times, and your lovely pictures are so reminiscent of what must have been home to the FALLONS. Thanks for your work.
I have been using your site for several months and have found info on many of my wife's ancestors. You all do a great job.

Frank, Orlando Florida

This is so exciting - we have been looking for John Alphonsus' father for so long! I Thank you so much - you have no idea how exciting this is to my entire family!



This is a great site, the only place besides the 1870 and 1889 Census that I have found anything on my great, great grandparents.



My late father and several cousins in Maine spent a lot of time researching the Craven family. So, I was thrilled to visit your site linking the Wilmington connection.
I found you GREAT site while tracking my GG Grandfather...
Yours in History
Dan, Havertown Pa.
I want to thank for helping to put on the World-Wide Web Griffith's Valuations for some parishes in Galway.
VERY good genealogy site

Thank you, thank you. My ancestors arrived in Delaware on the ship April, Jan 1818. Their children were baptized at St. Peter's Cathedral, I am so very grateful for the time and effort you have put into this site. Gail

From Sunny, Warm and Beautiful Arizona

Thank you very much for your interesting web site I, too, am working on my Irish family genealogy. Having the Catholic records put on the web is extremely helpful to me and I appreciate your efforts. Also the web site is very user friendly. Thanks again.
Congratulations! Your efforts to compile information about Irish immigrants to Delaware is impressive.