Meet The Volunteers


Nancy Collier

Nancy Collier (born Florence Ann Johnston in Collingdale, Pennsylvania) has been researching her family tree for over 15 years. Nancy says she doesn‚t know if she is bragging or complaining but she says she hasn't yet found any direct ancestor who wasn't born in the USA or Ireland!

Nancy's great-grandfather Charles McCloskey, born in Ireland - where else - settled in Wilmington where he married Eleanor Durney at St Mary's in 1861. St Mary's was a special place for Charles since he and his brothers built it and two other Roman Catholic Churches (St Paul's and Sacred Heart) in Wilmington in the mid to late 1800's (1858, 1869, 1874). In addition to the churches, McCloskey Brothers built hundreds of other buildings many of which were houses inhabited by Irish immigrant workers.

In addition to the McCloskey brothers (there were nine brothers in all), Nancy is researching such Delaware names as Durney, Wall, Murphy, Traynor, Belford, and Bonner.

In Philadelphia and nearby counties Nancy's research includes names such as Kelley (her mother's family), Finegan, Bonner, Byrne, McGeough, Brennan, Johnston, and the descendants of Richard McCloskey (one of those McCloskey brothers who lived in Philadelphia, not Wilmington.). On her husband's side she is looking for, again, lots of Irishmen including Collier, McGinnis, Tighe, Mince, Dougherty, and McSorley.

Nancy wishes you all the Good Luck of the Irish (not the bad) and can be contacted at here.

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