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Tim Robinson

I have been actively researching my Robinson roots for nearly seventeen years. It has been a very tough project.  Even before I began researching my family’s genealogy, I do not remember that my aunts or uncles ever said anything about the older generations in our family.  When asked about them, it was as though something inappropriate had been asked and subject was quickly changed.

This much I do know of my ancestral line.

    Born Died
GGGGrandfather James Robinson
1782, PA
abt. 1860,  PA
GGGGrandmother Catherine
abt. 1872
John Robinson (1)
1820, PA
1867, PA
Elinor Williams
1829, MD
1860, PA
Joseph Wesley Robinson
1850, PA
1903, MD
Elizabeth Ann Douglas
1840, VA
1903, MD
Joseph Shipley Robinson (2)
1876, PA
1923, MD
Minnie Viola Wigginton
1880, VA
1959, MD


Claude Robinson  (3)
1908, MD
1974, MD
Ella Elizabeth Wall
1915, MD
1958, MD

Born August 6, 1946 in West Baltimore, I was the youngest of five boys and three girls.  I married my wife Diane Jones in 1968.  We have two lovely daughters and now a peach of a granddaughter named Natalie.

I served in the United States Army for two years, ten months and two days, serving in the Army Fire Department while in Korea, and in Fort Carson, Colorado from 1968 to 1971. I joined the Baltimore County Fire Department in 1973, and worked as a firefighter, an Emergency Medical Technician, a Dispatcher, and a Fire Liaison Officer to the civilian dispatcher at the 911 Center in Towson, Maryland. I retired as of September 1, 2006.

(1)    Surname sometimes spelt Robison
(2)   From this generation to the present, most of my family has been buried in Loudon Park Cemetery in Baltimore .

(3)   My dad worked as the Chief Freight Rate Clerk at the Camden Station for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, and retired with 49 years of service.

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