Meet The Volunteers


Greta Siemen

I was born and raised in Delaware and now reside in Orange County, Virginia. I love the peaceful lifestyle of the country and my animals. My son is grown now so I spend my time dabbling in the antiques business, riding, working on the farm and searching the internet.

My Irish connection is through the Carr family on my father’s side who came from Donegal. My aunt had done quite a bit of research on the subject many years ago and I always assumed she had written it down. Unfortunately such was not the case and she passed away taking the knowledge with her. I have bits and pieces of information but eventually will be starting at square one.

My past genealogical research has been focused on my mother, as she was adopted and never told “who she was”. Computers are certainly making the job a bit easier but I am a long way from having all the facts. The family names involved are Carpenter, Christopher, Jester, Whipple and Mariano. One very exciting result of internet searching was finding a relation to my biological grandmother’s husband. She actually had a picture of my grandmother holding my mother as an infant.

I am a little envious of the folks whose brick walls are generations back when mine are within one or two but I fully expect to conquer the odds and someday I WILL solve the mystery.

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