The Descendants of John Lally and Catherine O'Day


2.      John Lally and Catherine O’Day (10 Sep 1810 – 9 Jan 1879)


On a tombstone in the Cathedral Cemetery in Wilmington, DE, there are these inscriptions: Catherine, wife of John Lally, born 10 September 1810, died 9 January 1879; William, son of John and Catherine Lally, born 21 August 1849, died 28 January 1875; Natives of the Co. Galway, Ireland.[1]  Since a husband's name customarily preceded that of his wife on tombstones, John may have died and been buried elsewhere, most probably in Ireland and possibly as a result of the Great Famine, after 1848.


The death certificates for her sons Michael and John and her daughter Bridget identify their mother as Catherine O'Day of Ireland.   The Death Register for the City of Wilmington reports that she died 9 January 1879 while living at 211 East Front Street at the home of her son Patrick.[2] 


It seems highly likely that John Lally is the brother of Patrick Lally of Ballynacregga in Cargin Parish.  Both families shared the same burial plot in Cathedral Cemetery in Wilmington.  Both families had sons named Patrick in the liquor business.   The son of Patrick Lally and Mary Reilly of Ballynacregga, also named Patrick, was one of the baptismal sponsors for Patrick, the grandson of John and Catherine Lally.  Thomas Walsh, who married Mary Lally, the daughter of Patrick and Mary of Ballynacregga, was a baptismal sponsor for the granddaughter of John and Catherine.


A search of the 1856 Griffith's Valuation of Tenements for Cargin and Killursa parishes reveals only two families named O'Day.  Both Patrick O'Day and John O'Day leased two parcels of land in Slieveroe, Killursa Parish, a townland less than three miles from Ballynacregga that borders Co. Mayo and Lough Corrib.  Patrick O'Day rented two parcels of land in Slieveroe adjacent to the land occupied by John Harte.  John Harte may be related to the Harts of Luggawannia, Cargin Parish. 


The will of Patrick, the second son of John and Catherine Lally, lists his siblings: Michael, Thomas, John, William, Mary, and Bridget. [3]


2.1    Michael Lally (ca. 1835 –20 May 1916) and Mary Connell (ca. 1838  - )


Mary Connell and her sister Margaret Connell, the daughters of John Connell and Bridget Fahey, married brothers Michael and Thomas, the sons of the above John and Catherine Lally. [4]  Michael married Mary and Thomas married Margaret.


The censuses for 1880 and 1900 infer that Michael Lally was born in 1835 and that 1839 was the year of birth for his wife Mary.  The Register of Deaths, however, appears to understate his age as seventy-one since his first son was born in December 1862.  The 1900 Census recorded that the couple had been married thirty-five years, placing the year of their marriage in Ireland circa 1865.  The same census noted that their three-year-old, Irish-born son, John J. Lally, came to the U.S. in 1866. It incorrectly reported that Michael and Mary arrived in the United States in 1867; their second son, Thomas, was born in Wilmington 30 October 1866. [5]


Living with Michael Lally and Mary Connell at the time of the 1870 Census were Mary's thirty-year-old brother, Patrick Connell, his wife Margaret five years his younger, and their eight month-old daughter Mary. [6]


During his earlier years in Wilmington, Michael is listed in city directories as a laborer and residing at 1013 West Front Street. Later city directories show that he that he lived at 903 Reed Street and he worked for the P. W. & B. Railroad as a trackman and later as a flagman.  According to Wilmington City Directors for the years 1871-1875, his brother John Lally, his wife Mary Concannon, and their daughter Catherine (Kate) lived in the same building.  Michael became a naturalized citizen in 1880. 


Michael filed a will dated 4 September 1908.  His wife was to inherit the proceeds of his estate but after her death his son William was to receive its residue except that $1.05 was to be distributed to his other children.  He died of apoplexy on 20 May 1916 in his home at 407 North Clayton Street at the age of seventy-one. [7]

Michael Lally and Mary Connell Lally had seven children. [8]


Page Birth Baptism Register Page Death
John J.
13 Dec 1864
8 June 1821
30 Oct 1866
9 Nov 1866
St. Peter
25 Apr 1869
2 May 1869
St. Peter
28 Apr 1871
30 Apr 1871
St. Paul
9 Jun 1874
14 June 1874
St. Paul
8 Oct 1876
15 Oct 1876
St. Paul
24 Mar 1882
28 May 1882
St. Paul


2.1.1 John J. Lally (13 Dec 1862 – 8 Jun 1921) Mary T. Menton (26 Sep 1867 - 22 Jan 1950)


The 1900 U.S. Census reports that the Irish-born John J. Lally, son of Michael Lally and Mary Connell. The same census also shows that John entered the United States in 1864 and in time became a naturalized U.S. citizen. [9] 


John J. Lally was a machinist for the Pusey and Jones, Co. for much of his life.  After his marriage he and his family lived with his parents for several years at their home on 906 Reed Street.  By1900, the family moved into their own home on 320 North Jackson Street, a block or so away from their parents' Reed Street address.   Later the family moved a few blocks west to a house on 514 Harrison Street in Wilmington's tenth ward and a block away from St. Paul School. [10]   


At age fifty-seven, John J. Lally died 8 June 1921 of parenchymatis nephritis at his home. His death certificate identifies his father as Michael Lally and his mother incorrectly as Mary Conner.  All other records show her maiden name as Connell. [11] .


Mary T. Menton as a young girl


Born 26 September 1867 in Wilmington, Delaware, Mary T. Menton was the daughter of Dennis Menton from Cullihill located in the civil parish of Aghmacart, County Leix (Queens) and Mary O'Neill.  Mary's baptismal sponsors were Patrick Menton and Mary Walsh. [12]


Mary T. Menton Lally gave birth to thirteen children.



Page Death [13]
9 Jan 1890
19 Jan 1890
St. Paul
14 Sep 1890
4 May 1891
24 May 1891
St. Paul
Helen (Ellen)
7 Aug 1892
28 Aug 1892
St. Paul
6 Mar 1893
Joseph Raymond
11 Mar 1895
31 Mar 1895
St. Paul
2 Jul 1895
31 Jan 1896
16 Feb 1896
St. Paul
10 Nov 1897
5 Dec 1897
St. Paul
15 Sep 1899
8 Oct 1899
St. Paul
2 Dec 1899
31 Dec 1900
20 Jan 1901
St. Paul
14 Apr 1902
4 May 1902
St. Paul
10 Jun 1903
28 Jun 1903
St. Paul
14 Aug 1903
26 Dec 1904
15 Jan 1905
St. Paul
14 Jun 1950
22 Feb 1906
26 Feb 1906
St. Paul
8 Apr 1906
9 Nov 1907
9 Nov 1907
St. Paul
7 Dec 1907


Canon Law for the Roman Catholic Church does not encourage members of its clergy to accept the responsibilities associated with being sacramental witnesses.  An exception seems to have been granted for the baptism of George. His mother's first cousin, once removed, the Rev. Timothy V. Menton, and her sister, Agnes Menton, were his sponsors.


Death was a frequent visitor to the home of John and Mary Lalley. Seven of their children died in infancy of inanition, a condition defined as “exhaustion from malnutrition or starvation,” and another of meningitis.  The weddings of their daughters, Mary Agnes and Martina, therefore, must have been especially happy moments for the family.  Mary Agnes married John O'Connor, son of Timothy O'Connor and Mary Mulqueen on 15 February 1915.  Paul McCullin and Celia Menton were witnesses of record for the ceremony performed by Father Waldren in St. Paul Church.  Martina became the bride of Michael A. Feeley, son of John Feeley and Mary Carr, on 15 October 1925.  Daniel Irwin and Mary Gillespie were the official witnesses.


According to the 1870 US Census, Mary's father -- whose photograph is shown to the right -- was born ca. 1846. He began his professional career as a ship joiner employed in the shipyards of the Harlan & Hollingsworth, Co. and rose to become one of that company's supervisors.   The same census indicates that he had real estate assets valued at $2,000 which he sold to the Harlan and Hollingsworth Co. on 22 November1883 and personal assets of $200.  Following his retirement he was invited to assist with the organization of the Maryland Steel Co. -- later to become the Bethlehem Steel Co.-- in Sparrows Point, Maryland. From 1880 until 1886, Dennis Menton represented Wilmington's 10th Ward as a City Councilman. In 1886 he continued his public service when he was appointed to the Board of Park Commissioners and subsequently served as Commissioner of Parks, a position he held until December 1913. He was also a Town Commissioner for Rahoboth Beach, Delaware where he had a summer home. He is remembered as the benefactor who donated the land on which St. Patrick Church was built. [14]




Son of John J. Lally and Mary T. Menton Lally


b. 26 December 1905 - d. 14 June 1950



2.1.2 Thomas Lally (30 Oct 1866 -)


Thomas was baptized at the Cathedral of St. Peter on 9 November 1866.  His uncle Patrick and his aunt Margaret were his baptismal sponsors.   He may be the Thomas Lally who is shown in the 1892 City Directory as employed by the P. W. & B. Railroad, and it seems certain that he worked for his Aunt Bridget Lally at her liquor establishment at 211 East Front Street.


2.1.3 Michael Lally (25 Apr 1869 -)


Michael was baptized 2 May 1869.  Thomas Lally, his uncle, and Mary Lannin were baptismal sponsors.


2.1.4 Mary Lally (28 Apr 1871 -)


Several city directories list Mary as residing at 211 East Front Street.  No occupation is shown for her in the directory or in the 1900 Census.


2.1.5 Hugh (Hubert F.)  Lally (9 Jun 1874 - 12 May 1912)


Born 9 June 1874, Hugh was baptized five days later in St. Paul Church.  His uncle, Michael Connell, and Bridget Earner were his godparents.  Hugh was employed as a machinist for the T. B. M. Co.  He never married. He died of pulmonary tuberculosis on 12 May 1912 at his parent's home on 906 Reed Street at the age of thirty-seven and was buried in the Cathedral Cemetery.  [15]


2.1.6 Ellen Teresa (Ella) Lally (8 Oct 1876 -) and Joseph Alexander Glynn


On 15 October 1876, Ed Connor and Bridget Lally served as Ella's godparents during her baptism in St. Paul Church.  City directories show that Ella was a dressmaker during the 1890s.  On 25 November 1901 she married Joseph Alexander Glynn, the son of William Glynn and Mary Freeman. William Lally, probably her younger brother, was one of the official witnesses to the marriage. [16]


2.1.7 William A. Lally (May 1882 -) and Elizabeth R. McCloskey


The 1900 U.S. Census shows that William, the youngest son of Michael Lally and Mary Connell, was living with his parents at 906 Reed Street, that he was born in May 1882, and that he was an office boy for the P. W. & B. Railroad. 


His marriage to Elizabeth R. McClosky, daughter of John McCloskey and Mary Leonard, took place on 10 June 1908 in St. Paul Church. Leonard McCloskey and Mary Lannan were the official witnesses.  The couple had four children. [17]


11 May 1909
12 May 1909
Leonard McClosky Mary V. Lannan
St. Paul
William A.
31 Oct 1910
20 Nov 1910
Edward P. Kiernan Ann M. McClosky
St. Paul
6 Jun 1912
17 Dec 1913
William B Lannan Helen A. McClosky
St. Paul
5 Dec 1913
17 Dec 1913
Hubert Lannan Mary Ann McClosky
St. Paul


2.2    Patrick Lally  (Ireland ca. 1838 -- 9 Oct 1870) and Mary Lane (Ireland ca. 1841)


Patrick, the second known son of John and Catherine Lally, was born in Ireland circa 1838. [18]  According to the 1860 Census, he was a twenty-three-year-old liquor store clerk who had $500 in personal assets.  Along with a laborer named John O'Brien, and a morocco dresser named Thomas Earner, Patrick lived with the family of Peter Burke. [19]


In a ceremony at the Cathedral of St. Peter on 18 December 1866, Patrick married Mary Lane, daughter of Godwin Lane and Margaret Quinlan of County Cork.  A Mary Lally was the official witness to the ceremony. [20]  Mary Lane Lally gave birth to their son John T. on 23 October 1867. He was baptized four days later in St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church. According to the 1868-71 city directories, Patrick managed a wholesale and retail liquor business at 211 East Front Street.  They resided at their place of business. [21]


Living with them at the time of the 1870 Census was the sixty-year-old Bridget Lally, born in Ireland about 1810, possibly an unmarried sister of his father or the wife of one of his father's brothers. Annie Lane (21) who may have been Patrick's sister-in-law and the family of Michael Burk (24), a laborer, Mary [Lally] (21) his wife, and their one-year-old daughter Mary also lived with Patrick's family. His mother, Catherine O'Day Lally, lived on the premises at the time of her death. 


Like his cousins who came from Ballynacregga, Patrick prospered.  The 1870 Census reports that the value of his real estate holdings amounted to $7,000 and that he had another $1,000 in personal assets.  The 211 East Front Street location proved a convenient stopping place for the hundreds of mill hands making their way home after a long day's work at the Harlan & Hollingsworth factories and other nearby manufacturing plants. 


Patrick's will named his wife, Mary Lane, executor of his estate and authorized her to give his brother William $200 from the net proceeds of his estate to pay the funeral expenses of his Mother, Catherine. The will which addressed a range of contingencies identified his other siblings: Mary, Bridget, Thomas, John, and Michael.  Curiously, the names Mary, Thomas, and Michael are lined out in the will but written directly above these names are the names Sisters Mary + Bridget, and Brother Michael. A possible explanation for the crossed out names may be that Thomas had established himself securely in his own liquor business during Patrick's final days.  The will also identifies the “Reverend Michael Lane, now of the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Boston, MA” as his wife's uncle. [22]


Patrick died 9 October 1870 of tuberculosis at the age of thirty-five, a fact which may explain his meticulously detailed will. [23]  After appointing his wife as the executor of his estate, he went on to stipulate that


[In] case my wife Mary marries before our son John's majority, it is my will that she shall not retain for herself any more property than what the law allows her as my wife and that the rest of my said property be delivered to the said Rev. Michael Lane for the benefit and use on my said son John.[24]


The Orphans' Court records for New Castle County contains the “Petition of Joseph McWilliams.”


[Joseph McWilliams] respectfully represents that Patrick Lally late of Wilmington [died] leaving issue one child who is a minor named John Lally. [Said] minor does not have any guardian.  Your petitioner prays the Court to appoint him guardian of John Lally.


The practice of having guardians appointed for minors even though a wife survived her husband was designed to protect them should their mother remarry.  The widow's second husband and his heirs would otherwise share the residue of her late husband's estate.  Guardians appointed by the Orphans' Court managed the assets of the children from a previous marriage until they became of age.


After her husband died, Mary, Patrick's widow, became the proprietor of the business for three years. The 1873-74 City Directory indicates that his brother William had apparently assumed her responsibilities. William himself died a year later. City directories show that Bridget Lally, likely his sister, ran the business and lived on the premises at least until 1899.   Mary, her sister, assisted her part of this time.   Thomas Lally, most likely a grandson of the late Patrick Lally and Mary Lane Lally and son of Michael Lally, worked there as a bartender according to the 1895, 1896, and 1897 city directories. He lived with the family during these years.  (See below.)


On 15 January 1874 Joseph McWilliams, the legal guardian for John T., married Patrick's widow in St. Mary Church. [25]  A real estate transfer confirms that Mary did indeed lose her inheritance in accordance with the terms of her late husband's will.


2.2.1   John T.  Lally (23 Oct 1867 -) and Catherine A. (Kate) O'Toole (ca. 1866 - ) [26]


At the time of his father's death, John T. Lally had not yet reached his third birthday.  He married Kate O'Toole, daughter of Patrick and Mary L. O'Toole on 14 August 1889 at St. Mary Church in Wilmington. [27]  In a real estate transfer dated 16 April 1890, John and Kate sold property once owned by his Uncle William to Patrick Fahey.  The same document notes that John T. Lally was the same person as John Lally, Jr.


2.3     Thomas Lally (1841 – 2 Jan 1902) and Margaret Connell (Jul 1843 - 27 May 1917)


Born March 1841 in Ireland, Thomas entered the United States in 1864 and settled in Wilmington. [28]  Like his brother Patrick and his cousins from Ballynacregga, he became prosperous through his ties with the liquor business. His reported assets according to the 1870 U.S. Census for Wilmington amounted to $800.  In 1870 he seems to have taken up temporary residence in the household of William Green, a very wealthy retail and wholesale iron dealer.[29]  Wilmington city directories indicate that he lived with his brother Patrick several years.  His saloon at 209 French Street was less than two blocks away from his brother's business.  For a year or so Thomas and his brother William shared a residence on 515 Spruce Street.  Wilmington city directories from 1872 through 1882 show that he, like a number of Wilmington Lallys operated a liquor establishment, first at 209 French Street and later at 500 Spruce Street.  City directories show similar listings from 1882-83 through 1899. 


On 27 February 1873 at St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church, Patrick Quinn and Mary Biggins were the offcial witnesses for the marriage of Thomas and Margaret Connell. The couple operated a hotel on the corner of 6th and Spruce Streets.   They had no children.   Thomas became a U.S. citizen 14 September 1880.   His cousin, Thomas R. Lally, vouched for him. [30]


Thomas died 3 January 1902 in his home at 605 Clayton Street. [31]  In his will signed on 7 January 1891 he declared, “I give and bequeath unto My Beloved Margaret absolutely all My Real and Personal Property, also all Moneys Due Me and all Moneys on Deposit to My Credit to Her and for Her use forever.”


Margaret, who was the daughter of John Connell and Bridget Fahey, was born July 1843.  Fifteen years after her husband's death, she died on 27 May 1917. [32]  Perhaps because she had no children of her own, she had a special interest in an orphanage, the Roman Catholic Male Protectory, located near Reybold, Delaware.  Her will specified that a $250 bequest be given the home.   She bequeathed her 1404 West 4th Street home along with its furnishings to her sister Bridget.  Her sister Mary, widow of Michael Lally, received $500; her nephew John, son of her deceased brother John Connell, inherited $1,000, as did her nephew Joseph, son of her deceased brother Joseph Connell.  She had intended to leave $500 to her nephew Michael, son of her brother Michael Connell, but she added a codicil revoking the gift although she did forgive him his debts.  In addition, she left $500 to the Little Sisters of the Poor and $250 to the Sisters of Charity at St. Peter School in Wilmington. [33]


2.4   John Lally (1845 – 15 November 1929) and Mary Concannon (1845 – 25 May 1916)


Born in Ireland in 1845, John emigrated to the United States when he was about fifteen years old in 1861, about the same time that his brothers Michael and Thomas Lally came to this country. [34]  On 20 February 1871 John married Mary Kolcannon (Concannon).  The Marriage Register for the Cathedral of St. Peter identifies County Galway as the place where they both were born.   It also shows John Concannon as the father of the groom and Mary Will as the mother of the bride. [35]  Patrick Quinn and Bridget Lally were official witnesses to the ceremony.


According to the St. Paul Baptismal Register, John, his wife Mary, and their newly born daughter Catherine (Kate) were living at 1013 West Front Street with his older brother Michael Lally. [36] City directories from 1871-72 through 1873-74 confirm that both Michael and John were residing at this address. 


The St. Paul Church Baptismal Register contains the names and birth dates for seven of John and Mary’s eight children. [37]



Sponsor Sponsor Church
Catherine (Kate)  [38]
2 Dec 1871
10 Dec 1871
Thomas Lally Hannah Lane St. Paul
12 Apr 1873
13 Apr 1873
William Lally Ellen Keeler St. Paul
Mary V.
5 Mar 1875
7 Mar 1875
Martin Mulrooney Mary Quinn St. Paul
Margaret T. (Maggie)
5 Mar 1877
11 Mar 1877
Thomas Craven Julia Concannon St. Paul
Ellen (Nellie)
24 Apr 1880
25 Apr 1880
Michael Lally Mary Hessian St. Paul
6 Dec 1884
14 Dec 1884
Michael Connelly Agnes Mulrooney St. Paul
Thomas B.
26 Nov 1886
6 Dec 1886
Thomas Lally Bridget Connell St. Paul


The 1900 U.S. Census lists two children named Joseph (Oct 98) and John Moloy (Aug 99), both of whom were born in Delaware.  They were probably their grandsons, the children of their daughter Mary.  The St. Paul Marriage Register shows that Mary V. married James H. Malloy 20 May 1896.


Margaret married Arthur Cook in St. Paul Church on 2 February 1894.  Their daughter Mary Magdalene was born 28 June 1896.  Nellie married John Mulrooney, son of Michael Mulrooney and Mary Higgins, on 26 May 1905.   William Kelly and Catherine Lally, likely his sister, were their official witnesses. 


City directories reveal that the children of John and Mary were employed in Wilmington industries.  John Lally, Jr. was employed as a morocco shaver during the 1890s. Mary and Maggie [Margaret] were glaziers prior to their marriages.


Mary E. (Concannon) Lally died at her 1108 Reed Street home on 25 May 1916 of a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 68.   Frank and Mary Concannon were her parents.  Probate records filed on 17 February 1925 report the same date of death and reveal that her husband John and five of her children had survived her. [39]  Her daughter Nellie, however, had preceded her.  By this time her husband John had taken up residence on 1219 Lancaster Avenue.  His daughter Margaret T. Cook is also shown living at this address.  The record also reveals that the younger Kate was then Catherine C. McCabe of Williamsport, PA. [40]  Thomas B. was reported as living in Little Falls, NY, and Mary Lally Malloy's address was 1120 West 6th Street.  Frank A. Lally, a heretofore-unnoticed son, was an attorney in Chester, PA and was executor of her estate.


City directories show that John was a boilermaker and machinist for the Harlan  & Hollingsworth Co. [41]  As was typical of many Wilmington Irish families, John and his wife moved to different residences in the earlier years of their marriage.  The 1874-75 City Directory reports that they lived at 804 West 3rd Street.   The following three years, he reportedly lived at 729 West Front Street, during which time he was a saloonkeeper.  The family next moved to 1108 Reed Street, an address they maintained at least until 1900.   The death certificate for John J. Lally states that he died 15 November 1929 (underestimating his age as 71).  It lists his parents John Lally and Catherine O'Day, noting that both of them were born in Ireland. [42] 


2.5     William Lally (1848 -24 Jan 1875) [43]


The will of his brother Patrick verifies that William Lally was the son of John and Catherine O'Day Lally. Entries extracted from the city directories from 180 to 1974 revealed that William Lally also lived in the same household as his brother Thomas, first at 515 Spruce Street and then at 211 East Front Street and that both operated a liquor establishment.


Naturalization records show that William was about 25 years old when he became a U.S. citizen on 14 January 1873.   Two years later, on 24 January 1875, he died in testate of pulmonitis at the age of twenty-seven at the 211 East Front Street home of his deceased brother Patrick Lally.


2.6     Mary Lally


Sacramental records for this Mary Lally have not been found. City directories indicate that she was in some capacity active in her late brother's wine and liquor business at 211 East Front Street.


2.7     Bridget Lally  (ca 1859 – 16 May 1917)


Patrick's sister Bridget apparently managed her late brother's wine and liquor business.  City directories show that the occupation for her nephew Thomas, son of Michael Lally, was that of a bartender for Bridget Lally.  She is found in every city directory from 1880 through 1899.   She never married.  On the death certificate for Bridget, her mother is identified as Catherine O'Day and, incorrectly, her father as Jean Lally. As with many older death records, Bridget’s age, reported as fifty-nine on her death certificate, may be under estimated. [44]


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Much of the confusion dissipates if it can be assumed that, after the only known death of a Patrick Lally, the collector of data for the city directories simply confused Patrick’s mother, Kate (Catherine O'Day, wife of John Lally) with Mary, his wife.  Both were widows living in the same household.  Moreover, Patrick and his bride probably moved to a different address after their marriage. City directories for this time reveal that Patrick's brother Michael and his family had already moved into their 1013 West Front Street home.  Finally, no other records have been uncovered to show the existence of a third person named Patrick Lally involved in a Wilmington liquor business in the years preceding or following the 1870 U.S. Census.


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[37]    The surnames of the baptismal sponsors for these children again illustrate the close bonds the Wilmington Irish maintained in Wilmington as well as in the Killursa and Cargin parishes of County Galway.  The 18 February 1871 marriage record for Martin Mulrooney notes that he was from County Galway and that he married Bridget Quinn also from County Galway.  She may be a sister of Mary Quinn.  William and Bridget Lally were their witnesses.  Hannah Lane is probably related to Mary Lane who married Patrick Lally and may be her sister.


[38] Kate, their eldest child, died of Whooping Cough on St. Patrick's Day 1874. Families in the nineteenth century in Ireland as well as the United States often gave the name of a deceased child to a child born to them later.  City of Wilmington, Death Registers, 1846-1879, 17 Mar 1874 RG 1500.


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[40]    Catharine married Matthew McCabe on June 23, 1908 at St. Paul Church.  Witnesses were Thomas Lally and Mary F. Butler.  (St. Paul Baptismal Register, 164 # 8)


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