Registere De L’eglise

Catholique De la Ville

De Willmington, Etat

De la Delaware

Amerique Septentrionale

Memorandum:  The following intelligence was committed to me by Mr. Fergus McClea, depicting the family of the Rev. McGuire, Rom. Cath. Priest of the Diocese of Quebec, Canada.

The Rev. Mr. McGuire’s Father, John McGuire, lived before the Revolution near Chester Co., Poor House, Brandywine but withdrew from there with the British on their retreat.  John McGuire’s brother, Andrew McGuire, settled in Londonderry Township, Chester Co. Pennsylvania, died about 15 years ago, left issue James, John, George, Mary, Susan, all lived in the same place – first cousins to the above Rev. Mr. McGuire of Quebec.

June 1st 1823 – Patk Kenny

The following is a separate sheet attached to the above page at the bottom.

15 years ago

Andrew McClea, Jr., born Derry

James, John – George – Mary, Susan

John – near Chester Co. Poor House

                                             Fergus McClea

William McClea 

Susan McCormick McClea      

These records appear on the flyleaf of this register

16. Sept 17 John Jeffries died at Ches. at Del. Canal. works on Saturday 16th   was buried, contrary to his own previous desires, and contrary to the wishes of his sister and sister in law, in Wilmington.  His brother Michael Jeffries was absent in Phila (Philadelphia) on Sunday 17th.

20. Barnabas McManemy was buried that day in Wilmington

21  James Durdin was buried (large ink blot) this day in Coffee Run,