Marriage of  

Pierre Reignier


Demoiselle Marie Elizabeth Darnaud

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On the sixteenth of June 1800, we, the undersigned Vice-Prefect Apostolic, Superior General of the northern missions of the island of St. Domingue, refugee to the Continent of the United States of America, placed in charge by my Lord John Carroll, Bishop of Baltimore to the above mentioned Catholic church of Wilmington in the state of Delaware.

The publication of banns were made on one Sunday in the proper parish (and dispensed from the other two by us—Cibot)¹. We have received the mutual consent of the Sieur Pierre Francois Reigner, a native of Alençon in France, legitimate son of full age of the Sieur Pierre Charles Reignier and his deceased wife Dame Renee Susanne de Saint Nicolas, father and mother of the said Sieur Pierre Francois Rignier using the rites and stipulation in his name, and of Demoiselle Marie Elizabeth Darnaud of the parish of St. Francis the Great deep in the island of St. Dominigue, to Demoiselle Marie Elizabeth Darnaud the legitimate and minor daughter of Sieur Etienne Darnaud and the late Dame Martha Marie Lauleigne, her father and mother, the said demoiselle, proceeding under the authority and consent of the said parent, and we have given the nuptial blessing in the presence of Monsieurs Jean Keating, Guillaume Francois Margueritte Hamon de Vaujoyeux², who have signed with us, friends who have witnessed, the fathers of the spouses, and other family and friends.

Cibot, Priest 

Witness [deposant] Darnaud Reigner

Darnaud Pierre Regnier

Hamon DeVaujoyeux 

C . B. Darnaud

Jn. Keating

P. Bauduy 

B. Bauduy

¹ Note written in margin on this page " parish (and dispensed from the other two by us—Cibot)".

² Some published works consistently render the name as Vanjoueux, but unless the letters "u" and "n" appear differentiated as written, we have rendered it Vaujoyeux.

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