Baptism of  

Marie Michel

[A Black Emancipated from Slavery by M. J. Lally de Neuville]¹

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In the year 1797 on the fifteenth day of the month of October, I, the undersigned pastor of the Catholic Church in Wilmington, baptized Marie Michel, Black of the country of Martinque [fragment missing] twenty years old belonging to Mr. Lally De la N [fragment missing] former official of the administration at St. Domingue [Haiti], who gave him his freedom on above mentioned date of his baptism in compensation for his affection, faithfulness, and good service.

Godfather: the above mentioned Michael Lally de la Neuville.

Godmother: Janis Elizabeth Garesché, a resident of the island of St. Domingue.

Witnesses: Les Sieurs Jean Baptiste Esteve former Seneschal [steward] and Lieutenant of the Admiralty of Cap Francois, and Jean Garesché, a resident of St. Domingue who have signed with us.

M. J. Lally de Neuville 

J. B. Esteve

¹ A fragment of the right side of the original document in French is missing. David Neely translated the document from French, to English.

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