Baptism of  

Jean Jules Gaudefroi Keating

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On the ninth of April 1800, we, the Vice-Prefect Apostolic, Superior General of the missions in the north of the island of St. Domingue, refugee to the Continent of the United States, placed in charge by my Lord John Carroll, Bishop of Baltimore of the deportees of the above mentioned Catholic church in Wilmington, state of Delaware, have administered the sacrament of baptism to Jean Jules Gaudefroi, born on the sixteenth of September 1798, legitimate son of Jean Keating, former officer in the Regiment Walsh, and Demoiselle Eulalie Victorie Mathurine Claudine Bretton Deschapelles, his wife.

There was for godfather, Sieur Gaudefroi Keating, his uncle, represented by Sieur Gerome Keating, and the godmother was Demoiselle Jean Juliene Therese Bretton Deschapelles, wife of Sieur Pierre Bauduy. All have signed with us as well as the father and mother and those present.

Cibot, Vice-Prefect 

Jn. Keating                                 B. des Chapelles Keating

E. Darnaud                                 B. Deschapelles Bauduy

P. Provenshere                            Jerome Keating

Hamon DeVaujoyeux¹                 L. Bauduy

O. Bauduy

¹  Some published works consistently render the name as Vanjoueux, but unless the letters "u" and "n" appear differentiated as written, we have rendered it Vaujoyeux.

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