Marriage of  

Andre Noel¹




Baptisms of Their Children savior Marie Rose Zabeth and William

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On the second of January 1800 we, the undersigned Vice-Prefect Apostolic, Superior General of the missions in the north of the island of St. Domingue, emigrated to the United States, sent by my Lord John Carroll, Bishop of Baltimore to the above mentioned Catholic church of Wilmington, state of Delaware, have received the mutual consent 

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of Andre Noel, [a] Creole Black freed by Monsieur Hamon de Vaujoyeux² and of Laurette, mulatto belonging to the above named Andre, who presented to us two children, savior Marie Rose Zabeth³, four and a half years old and Guillaume two years old that they declared to be from their __?__. We recognize their children and legitimatized by the celebration of their marriage; and we gave them the nuptial blessing in the presence of Monsieur Brossay, Senechal, criminal and civil judge of the jurisdiction of Cap Francais, St. Domingue and Monsieur Hamon Vaujoyeux, former master of already named Negro Andre. They have signed with us. The two spouses have declared they do not know how to sign.

Cibot, Vice-prefect Brossay

Hamon DeVaujoyeux

¹ The sacramental records for this family are found at the bottom of Page 6 in this register and completed at the top of the following Page 7. After it on Page 7 is the complete baptismal record for Jean Jules Gaudefroi Keating.

The surname Noel for Andre is verified by the baptismal record for his daughter Maria Louise. (See this register 30 March 1817, page 25 [8]).

² Some published works consistently render the name as Vanjoueux, but unless the letters "u" and "n" appear differentiated as written, we have rendered it Vaujoyeux.

³ The baptismal record for Marie Rose Zabeth is found on page 10 of this register

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