Baptism of  

Désiré Francoise Virginie Fournier

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In the year 1797 on the fifth day of the month of November, I, the undersigned, baptized Désire´ Francoise Virginie, born in Port au Prince [Haiti] on the seventeenth day of October 1793, the legitimate daughter of Francois Fournier and Marie Francoise Clementine Sollée Dame Fournier. habit¹

The godfather Louis Malingre, the godmother Marguerite Désiré Sollee Dame Malingre, sister of the mother.

The wtinesses: Alexandre Francois Bretton Deschapelles, Pierre Provenchere, and others who have signed with us.


Sollee veuve [widow] Fournier             Sollée Malingre

Malingre                                               P. Provenchere

A. Bretton Deschapelles

Bauduy Hamon

Elalie Bretton Deschapelles

Fortunée Bretton Deschapelles

Bauduy Bretton Deschapelles

Bretton Deschapelles Bauduy

J. Keating

¹ It would seem that habit is an abbreviation for inhabitant or resident since the child was born in Haiti.

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