Baptism of  

Alexandre Joseph Pierre Jean Helene Bretton Deschapelles

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In the year 1798 on the twenty-sixth day of the month of April, I, the undersigned, pastor of the church, baptized Alexandre Joseph Pierre Jean Helene, born on the thirteenth of November 1797 in Wilmington (state of Delaware), legitimate son of Monsieur Alexandre Francois Bretton Deschapelles and Madame Louise Marie Adelaide Bauduy.

Godfather was Mr. Joseph de Sagui Destourer, the paternal uncle of the infant by his marriage, represented by proxy Mr. Pierre Bauduy, the maternal uncle of this infant.

Godmother: Madame Helene Cruon, widow Bauduy maternal representative for the same infant.

Witnesses: Pierre Provenchere, Claude Bernard Desassenay, both of whom have signed with us and as well as the father and mother of the infant.


A. Bretton Deschapelles                                 Peter Provenchere

Louise Bauduy Bretton Deschapelles

P. Bauduy

Helene Cruon V. Bauduy

Bernard Sassenay

Pierre Provenchere

Bauduy Hamon

J. Keating

Fortunée Bretton Deschapelles

Bretton Deschapelles Keating

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