Baptism of  

Felicite Alexandra Marie Bauduy

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In the year 1796 [missing fragment] of the month of November, I, the undersigned pastor of above mentioned Catholic church, baptized Felicite Alexandra Marie [missing fragment] born in the year 179_?_ on the twenty-fourth day of August, legitimate daughter of Pierre Marie Joseph Bauduy and Theresa Jeanne Julianne Bauduy, the daughter of [missing fragment] Bretton Deschapelles.

The Godfather: Alexander Francois Bretton Deschapelles brother of the mother; the Godmother Felicite Marguerite Clementine Joseph Hamon, Demoiselle Bauduy, sister of father.

The witnesses: Wilhelmine Margueritte Hamon de Vaujoyeux, Pierre Provenchere along with others who have signed with us.

Bretton Deschapelles     P. Bauduy

F. B. Hamon                 B. Chapelles Bauduy

Hamon de Vaujoyeux     P. Provenchere

Etienne Faure, French priest authorized by the Catholic Bishop of Baltimore to "accomplis les fonctions de" Wilmington.

The upper right hand portion of the page in the register is missing as well as a potion of the bottom right of this page. Parts of dates of baptism and birth are missing.

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