Baptism of  

Pierre Marie Jean Elie Auguste Dupont de Gault

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In the year 1798 on the fifteenth day of the month of April, I, the undersigned pastor of the said church, baptized Pierre Marie Jean Elie Auguste, born in Wilmington on the twenty-first day of August 1798, legitimate son of Pierre Henry Dupont de Gault and of Madam Marie Catherine Elizabeth Vienot de Vaublanc, his wife, landowners in the north of St. Domingue, and refugees in this state.

Godfather: Monsieur Jean Garesché DuRocher, Godmother: Madame Elizabeth Brossay, his wife, landowners in L’onesa St. Domingue.

Witness: Monsieur William le comte Hamon de Vaujoyeux¹, Louis James D’orbigny who also signed with us.

Signers: [Signé]

Pont de Gault 


D. DuPont De Gault

Garesché née Brossay

J. Garésché DuRocher

Hamon de Voujoyeux

De Moin D’Orbigny

E. Faure, Franciscan priest

¹ Some published works consistently render the name as Vanjoueux, but unless the letters "u" and "n" appear differentiated as written, we have rendered it Vaujoyeux.

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