Baptism of  

Marie Francoise Jeanne Louise Angelique Dupont de Gault

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In the 1797 on the fourteenth day of April, I, the undersigned of the above mentioned Catholic Church for Wilmington and its environs, have baptized Marie Francoise Jeanne Louise Angelique, born in this city, on the twenty-fifth of August 1795, legitimate daughter of Mr. Pierre Henry Dupont de Gault, residents of St. Domingue, and of Mde Marie Catherine Elizabeth Vienot de Vaublanc, his wife, refugees in this state.

The Godfather: [was] Francois Breuil; the Godmother Madame Joanne Courtere of St. Maria, both residents of St. Domingue [Haiti]. They have signed with us as well as the father and the mother.

Fonston Ste Marie

F. Breuil

Pont de Gault

William Dupont de Gault

E. Faure, Pastor of the above mentioned church in Wilmington.

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