Marriage of  

Sieur Jean Keating


Demoiselle Eulalie Victoire Mathurine Claudine Brett Deschapelles

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John Keating ( 1760- 1856 )





Eulalie DesChapelles (1774-1803)


Pictures taken from Dorothy Garesché Holland: The Garesché, de Bauduy and des Chapelles Families: History and Genealogy (St. Louis: privately printed by the Schneider Printing Co., 1963), facing page 26.

In the year 1797, the eleventh day of the month of December, I, the undersigned pastor of the above mentioned Catholic Church of Wilmington in accordance with the rites and forms of the above mentioned Catholic Church, have married Sieur Jean Keating, son of the late Valentin Keating and the deceased Sara Creagh, born in Limerick in Ireland, and Demoiselle Eulalie Victoire Mathurine Claudine Breton Deschapelles, daughter of the late Jean Baptiste Francois Bretton Deschapelles and of the deceased Claudine De Launay, mother, born in Boncassin parish and area of L’Arcahaye on the island of St. Domingue.

Witnesses were the Sieurs Jean Baptiste Esteve and Jean Garesché on the side of the groom and Guillaume Francois Marguerite Hamon de Vaujoyeux and Pierre Provenchere on the side of the bride, who have signed with us as well as the contracting parties and friends.


Jean Keating Eulalie Bretton Des Chappelles


J. Garésché DuRocher  

Hamon de Vaujoyeux

A. Francois Bretton Deschapelles 

P. Bauduy Pierre Provenchere

Bauduy Bretton Deschapelles Deschapelles Bauduy

Bauduy Hamon de Vaujoyeux B. C. V. Bauduy

Fortunée Bretton Deschapelles

De Moins D’orbigny Garesché née Brossay

Ferdinand Bauduy

B___?___ Bauduy

E. Favre, French Priest, Pastor of the above mentioned church

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