Baptism of  

Jean Francois Marie Felix Stanislas Vidal

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In the year 1797 on the thirty-first day of May, I, the undersigned pastor of the above mentioned church in Wilmington, baptized Jean Francois Marie Felix Stanislas, born in Wilmington on November 6, 1782, legitimate son of Jean Vidal and of Marie Anne Elizabeth Lingendes, his wife.

The Godfather, Francois Breuil, a merchant of Philadelphia.
The Godmother, Marguerite Felicite Basse, Demoiselle Kere Kove, an inhabitant of Cayenne.

The witnesses: Petit de Villars, Francois Gallet, who have signed with us. Signers.

                                                          Kere Kove Basse

Louis Nompere                                 Marie Anne Elizabeth Vidal
Petit de Villars                                    F. Breuil

                                C. Riviere
                             Esteve                F. Breuil, son
F. Leroy, son

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