19th Century Immigrant Roots

Records for Wilmington, Delaware, USA and Vicinity

Irish Records for Counties Galway, Mayo and Donegal



All Baptism and Marriage Records for the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington
through 1900 are now online!

Cead Mile Failte

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Galway, Ireland
Saturday, May 30, 2015

Wilmington, DE
Friday, May 29, 2015
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Wilmington, DE, USA

  • Catholic Sacramental Records
  • City Directories ( extracts )
  • Census Records ( extracts )
  • Civil Death Records ( extracts )
  • Gravestone Inscriptions
  • Refugees from France and Haiti
  • Record Finding Aids


Counties Galway, Mayo and Donegal, Ireland

  • Griffith's Valuation of Tenements 1855-1857
  • 1901 Census of Ireland Returns
  • Passenger Lists: Galway-New York 1846-1851
  • Passenger Lists: Londonderry-New Castle 1831-1841
  • Family Histories:Hannon, Hart, Lalley
  • Record Finding Aids


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Jan 2010  ALL Sacramental Records for Diocese Of Wilmington Pre-1900 now online!
  Coming Soon  More updates on the way soon!


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